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Topper manufactures Commercial Van and Truck Racks and Equipment. Thanks for your interest in Topper Racks.  

All Topper Manufacturing racks are made of high strength steel and hot-dip galvanized after fabrication for a rust-free abrasive resistant finish. Topper Manufacturing racks are the only racks in the industry known to outlast the vehicles that they are mounted to.

Topper Manufacturing has been making ladder racks and cargo carriers for over 35 years. Commercial Van Toppers. 

Galvanizing the racks after fabrication results in a heavy duty finish that is unmatched in the industry. Galvanized coatings have a proven performance under numerous environmental conditions. “Because of the long life of the hot dip galvanized coating and its virtually maintenance-free performance, galvanizing is consistently a better value than paint over a structure’s life.” (American Galvanizers Association).”


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